About the development of cpgf library

Who developed cpgf library

Now there are two major developers for cpgf.

Wang Qi (family name, Wang) -- Founder and developer of cpgf project

Wang Qi is a native Chinese, currently he is living in Beijing, the capital of China.

He is working for one of biggest China native online gaming company to develop online games on mobile platforms, using Unity3D and/or C++ technology.

All Qi's past career life since 2000 is professional programming using C, Delphi, Java (J2ME), Flash ActionScript 3 to develop embed and desktop software, mobile and social games. Though he never programmed in C++ in his daily work, he is a big fan and qualified developer in C++ and he invested almost all his part time on C++ development and researching.

Qi's personal contact information:
Mail: wqking AT outlook D.O.T com
Know him more and connect him on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=55671110
Personal website (not active): http://www.kbasm.com

Sarunas Valaskevicius -- developer

Before joined to cpgf team, Sarunas had founded several C++ open source projects, some of which use cpgf as infrastructure.
Sarunas' github home: https://github.com/svalaskevicius

Please don't send private email to developers for technical discussion about cpgf library. Any technical stuff should be posted to Github issues. See support page for the Github. Sending to Github will not only show our discussions to public but also help to promote cpgf library to search engines, thanks for your understanding.

What does the name "cpgf" mean

The name “cpgf” was from an unfinished open source game framework in C++, called cross platform game framework. Then I realized that nobody may have interesting in that framework, so it was ceased. Later more general C++ features, such as callback, reflection, script binding, etc, were added to the library.

Now cpgf doesn't have any direct connection to game development, though game projects may have best interesting in it. And cpgf is not any framework any more. It's a library.

Now there is no any meaning for the abbreviation cpgf. If you can think of any appropriate meaning, just let me know.

Though the name cpgf doesn't have meaning, it's really cool because it's very short and quite unique in the internet.