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Why is cpgf library delivered in zip file download than public source control repository

I've been asked several times if there is any public source control repository that the users can download from, such as git or svn. My answer was and will be always no. I would always stick to provide zip files for download.

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2012/09/12 05:29 · Wang Qi · 1 Comment was setup and transferred

The first step to setup the new web site ( for cpgf library is finished now!

I've chosen the great CMS system – Dokuwiki. Don't be confused, though Dokuwiki was a Wiki system originally, it can be customized to be a great CMS, and the customization can't be simpler.

Dokuwiki is also great for documentation. With Dokuwiki, editing documentation is just same as editing a wiki page. It's just in a breeze! So I will improve documentation more frequently. Don't forget to come back!

Also Dokuwiki can be customized to be a simple blog system. Hope I can often share ideas and thoughts on cpgf library and C++ development from now on!

Now all old cpgf stuff from has been transferred here. So the first step is done.

In coming several weeks, I will work on,

  1. Polish the land page. Current land page is full of text and quite boring to read.
  2. Tweak the CSS.
  3. Release cpgf new version 1.5.0, which will include significantly rewritten of the script binding engine.
  4. Disclose cpgf library to more public. I didn't announce cpgf to the public at anywhere, now since we have a dedicated web site and the library is more mature, it's time to be more visible.

Let's wait for a more promising future of cpgf library!

2012/09/09 11:24 · Wang Qi · 0 Comments