Coming 2013 is slow but still active for cpgf library development

In the coming year 2013, I will have very little time and energy on cpgf development. The reason is after some tough hesitation, I decided to switch my daily job to a China oriented company, which culture is having a lot of overtime everyday and even weekend. Apparently I will not have much spare time and energy to work on cpgf massively. That situation will last for at least the whole year 2013.

So cpgf library development will be slow in 2013.

Sad? No. cpgf library is and will be always under active development

By meaning slow, I don't think it is really slow to be inactive. Comparing the super fast growing for cpgf in 2012, it's reasonable that the new year is slow.

Under whatever situation, I will try my best to keep cpgf development active. There are so much exciting work to do, and cpgf is the only project (in both my daily job and spare time) I can do some real high technology programming working. I won't give up.


Qi, 2013/06/04 01:51
Hi Juan,

To reflect private data, one way is using property accessor as you described, another easier way is to put all reflection code in a function, then make that function friend to your class.

You are more welcome to posting in the Yahoo! mail group. I think you need to join the group to post.
Juan Campa, 2013/06/03 20:22
Hi Wang, the only way to reflect private fields is by defining accessors in the class and using _property to access it, am I right? Otherwise the compiler complains about accessing a private field, I'm guessing this could be circumvented using friend classes.

BTW, I'm posting this here because it seems like I don't have permissions to post in the Yahoo user group.
Qi, 2013/06/03 03:18
Hi Juan,

The metagen tool was used to generate meta data for Box2D, SFML, and Irrlicht.
There are project folders under the folder metagen, you can dig to see how it works, especially how the .js works.

A caveat is that metagen is not 100% feature complete, due to the limitation of the use of Doxygen.
Most likely in the future I may abandon the use of Doxygen.
Juan Campa, 2013/06/03 02:12
Well, I just saw the metagen tool, I'll give it a try later.

Juan Campa
Juan Campa, 2013/06/03 02:03
Hi Wang, I've been evaluating reflection systems for a project I'm working on and cpgf seems like a great alternative.

I've seen that you need to manually declare all metadata about each class for cpgf to reflect it. I'm thinking that all metadata could be auto-genrated from headers in a pre-build step. Is this something you are planning to add? I'm ok with manually declaring all meta data for now but auto-generating it might later become a big productivity improvement.

Keep up the good work!
Juan Campa
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