New developer joined, and cpgf source moved to github

I'm glad to announce two pieces of news in cpgf project, both of which are really good for the future of cpgf.

New developer -- Sarunas Valaskevicius

Sarunas had founded several open source projects, such as Qt API bindings generator for V8 JS engine and ionPulse IDE. Qt V8 JS engine uses cpgf as the underlying infrastructure. During developing QjJs generator, Sarunas improved cpgf (fork version) greatly and he had very deep understanding in cpgf internal.

After he joins, not only can Sarunas merge his changes back to cpgf master version, but also he has the talent to contribute new features and maintenance to cpgf development.

cpgf source repository moved to github

cpgf was hosted on Assembla with SVN as source control. Now it's moved to github with git as source control. This is not only a simple source control substitution, but also a big influence on future cpgf development.

cpgf development now goes opening from closing.

Though cpgf is an open source project, the development was quite “close” even though new developers were welcome. The source was hosted on Assembla under a non-public repository. Nobody can see or review any in-progress development. Nobody can contribute to the project easily. The development process was more like proprietary commercial project than open source.

cpgf development will be much more disciplined.

cpgf development was quite discretionary and undisciplined since I was the only developer. I didn't write log message for most commits because I almost didn't need to read the log. I developed big features on trunk only and never used branches because I could decide when to release the new version.
After we move to github and have more developers/contributors, apparently we need to be more disciplined and to regulate the development process.

Why the changes happen?

  • I want cpgf better in the future. The more contributors, the better will be for an open source project.
  • I realized I can't always have the time or energy to fully control cpgf by myself as the library is becoming big (more than 100K lines of code).
  • As the project going big, it's time to go to community development rather than one-person development.

You are welcome to join!

Now contributing to cpgf project is easier than ever. Just go to cpgf github repository, then contribute by,

  • Become a developer and get push access
  • Or review the code and give your feedback
  • Or watch/star the project and see any new development
  • Or spread the project over the open source community
  • Or whatever you like to do


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